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    spin.js spin.css



    Spin.js dynamically creates spinning activity indicators that can be used as a resolution-independent replacement for loading GIFs.


    Run npm install spin.js, or save the spin.js and spin.css files in your repository.

    JS bundling

    For best performance and compatibility, it is recommended to use a module bundler such as Parcel, Rollup, or Webpack to create a production-ready code bundle. However, in modern browsers it is also possible to directly load the module via a script tag:

      <script type="module" src="node_modules/spin.js/spin.js"></script>

    If for some reason you can't use ES6 modules or a module bundler, download spin.umd.js and save it in your repository. The UMD script can be used as follows:

      var spinner = new Spin.Spinner(opts).spin(target);

    Note that the UMD version is only available as a temporary workaround. Longer term it is recommended to migrate to the standard ES6 module.


    Load the spin.css file to include the default animation presets. You could alternatively create a custom CSS keyframe animation (in your own CSS file) and set it using the animation property.

    Note: do not use <script> or <link> tags directly referencing the files on this website. Doing this is likely to break your app whenever a major new version is released.


    Run the following code when the document has loaded:

    import {Spinner} from 'spin.js';
    var opts = {
      lines: 12, // The number of lines to draw
      length: 7, // The length of each line
      width: 5, // The line thickness
      radius: 10, // The radius of the inner circle
      scale: 1.0, // Scales overall size of the spinner
      corners: 1, // Corner roundness (0..1)
      color: '#000', // CSS color or array of colors
      fadeColor: 'transparent', // CSS color or array of colors
      speed: 1, // Rounds per second
      rotate: 0, // The rotation offset
      animation: 'spinner-line-fade-default', // The CSS animation name for the lines
      direction: 1, // 1: clockwise, -1: counterclockwise
      zIndex: 2e9, // The z-index (defaults to 2000000000)
      className: 'spinner', // The CSS class to assign to the spinner
      top: '50%', // Top position relative to parent
      left: '50%', // Left position relative to parent
      shadow: 'none', // Box-shadow for the lines
      position: 'absolute' // Element positioning
    var target = document.getElementById('foo');
    var spinner = new Spinner(opts).spin(target);

    The spin() method creates the necessary HTML elements and starts the animation. If a target element is passed as argument, the spinner is added as first child and horizontally and vertically centered.

    Manual insertion

    In order to manually insert the spinner into the DOM you can invoke the spin() method without any arguments and use the el property to access the HTML element:

    var spinner = new Spinner().spin();

    Hiding the spinner

    To hide the spinner, invoke the stop() method, which removes the UI elements from the DOM and stops the animation. Stopped spinners may be reused by calling spin() again.


    The spinner is absolutely positioned at 50% of its offset parent. You may specify a top and left option to position the spinner manually.

    Note: The spinner element is a 0×0 pixel div that represents the center of the spinner. Hence, if you passed {top:0, left:0} only the lower right quarter of the spinner would be inside the target's bounding box.

    The spinner element must be surrounded by an element using relative positioning, or the spinner will be outside of the parent element.

    Supported browsers

    Spin.js has been successfully tested in the following browsers:


    See CHANGELOG.md


    If you encounter any problems, please use the GitHub issue tracker.
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    If you like spin.js and use it in the wild, let me know.

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